Frequently asked questions about Staking.

What is staking?

SingularityDAO offers two forms of staking, bonded (coming soon) and flexible. Bonded staking allows you to lock your tokens for a set period of time in order to receive additional rewards. Flexible staking offers lower rewards, but you are able to un-stake at any time.

Why should I stake my SDAO?

Staking is incentivised with rewards, this could be additional SDAO tokens or alternative bonuses, for example discounts on DynaSets.

Is staking safe?

All of our smart contracts are audited both internally and by professional blockchain auditors. Although your tokens will not be in your wallet for the duration of time that they are staked, your wallet is linked to our smart contract through a signed transaction and the only place your tokens could go to, is back to that wallet.

How do I stake?

Please visit our Staking Guide for details.

What is bonded and unbonded staking?

"Bonded" staking refers to the staking pool having a lock-up period. Unbonded staking has no lock up period, you can withdraw any time.