SDAO Token
Frequently asked questions regarding the SDAO Token.

What are SingularityDAO (SDAO) governance tokens?

SDAO governance tokens grant rights to vote on which DynaSets are on the platform and vote to make changes to the economic variables and protocols of the platform. Users can earn SingDAO tokens by providing liquidity to DynaSets on DEXes.

How does one earn more SDAO tokens?

Provide liquidity to token pairs to earn LP tokens, which can be farmed for additional SDAO. Lock up your SDAO in staking contracts to earn more tokens as well as additional benefits.

Do I lose my SDAO tokens when I use them to vote?

Nope, owning SDAO simply means you have the right to cast a vote in any and all Governance Events that happen regarding SingularityDAO.
Last modified 10mo ago