Airdrop Ending
Greetings Singularitarians,
Due to some interesting developments we are happy to inform you that at 23:59 UTC+0 on Sunday August 1st we will be taking the final snapshot for August's Airdrop. This will not affect the registration or claiming periods in any way, but it will mean that any token movements from Monday onwards will not result in disqualification.
We have decided to take this action because on Monday the 2nd of August we will be launching the SingularityDAO BETA, and we are sure that many of you will want to take part in some of the Liquidity Provision and Staking incentives we have planned for the platform. Anyone already providing liquidity, or wanting to start, will now be able to use their LP tokens to farm SDAO, there will be SDAO/ETH, AGIX/ETH, SDAO/USDT and AGIX/USDT pools. Since Liquidity Provisioning might not be for everyone, we are also including staking, meaning SDAO holders can stake their tokens to earn more. We want to encourage you to take part in the SingularityDAO DeFi Protocol and experience the new tools we have been building for you.
We are extremely excited for the 2nd of August BETA release as it marks a considerable milestone for the SingularityDAO ecosystem. At 14:00 UTC+0 SingularityDAO CEO Marcello Mari will introduce not only the new platform, but also some members of the team whose hard work has made this all possible. Join our Livestream on the SingularityNET YouTube Channel to celebrate this momentous occasion! While you are there, please support us by subscribing to our newly created SingularityDAO YouTube Channel where we will be releasing lots of interesting new content over the coming months.
The relevant dates and times are as follows -
  • Sunday 1st August 23:59 UTC+0 - Final AGIX Snapshot
  • Monday 2nd August 14:00 UTC+0 - SingularityDAO BETA Launch LIVE STREAM
  • Friday 13th August 12:00 UTC+0 - Final registration period begins
  • Monday 16th August 23:59 UTC+0 - Final registration period ends
  • Wednesday 18th August 12:00 UTC+0 - Final claiming period begins
  • Monday 23rd August 23:59 UTC+0 - Final claiming period ends
SingularityDAO is almost here! Set your alarms!
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