Airdrops and Epochs
Greetings, Singularitarians!
Let’s open with a quick look at the current stats!
Total Value Locked — 13,000,000+ USD
Total SDAO Locked — 5,220,000+ SDAO
43.1% of Total Circulating Supply
As can be seen from these amazing numbers, the interest and faith shown in SingularityDAO is incredible and we thank you for it! We are honored to have such a strong community behind us.
For the 4th and final airdrop, we will introduce ‘Register and Stake’. Where before you could ‘Register’ then claim, you will now also have the option of entering Bonded Staking without paying any of the gas fees associated with claiming the airdrop, or staking those claimed tokens. Bonded Staking is explained towards the end of this article, please read on to find out more.
Let’s take a look at the mechanics of Airdrop 4 (August) and how it will differ from the previous 3.
First, the normal stuff.
Eligibility for the final airdrop installment is determined by the rules set in the original airdrop blog. Read it here.
Registration will open on August 13th 12:00 UTC+0 and continue until August 16th 23:59 UTC+0, with claim opening on August 18th 12:00 UTC+0 and running until the Final Deadline on August 23rd 23:59 UTC+0, at which point claiming will close. Any unclaimed tokens from that point on will be removed from the airdrop smart contract, and re-distributed to the community at a future date. The details of which will be revealed another time.
Now, what’s new with the Airdrop Portal?
‘Register and Stake’
We will shortly be adding a new button ‘Register and Stake’ — This button does exactly what you might expect, it registers you for the August airdrop, and automatically stakes all tokens that you have remaining in the airdrop portal to Epoch 1 Bonded Staking when it opens on August 18th. Any tokens you have already claimed, or acquired from other places, will not be added.
Those of you using this method will have your airdrop tokens moved automatically from the airdrop portal, placed into bonded staking on the SingularityDAO platform and locked into Epoch 1 for the duration of 60 days, at which point you can withdraw them, or let them roll over into Epoch 2 with auto-compounding rewards. All gas fees involved in moving the tokens from the Airdrop to Staking will be covered by us, you simply need to push the button and sign a transaction to allow us to do so. (This will not incur any gas fees). Until August 16th you will be able to opt-in to auto-staking, and opt out if you change your mind. When registration closes, your decision will be locked in.
For those wishing to join Epoch 1 Bonded Staking from private wallets (or add to their positions), entry will be first come first served, and will also be subject to the general bonded staking limits of 25,000 SDAO staked per wallet and 3,500,000 SDAO staked overall.
Epoch 1 Details - We have decided to push the launch of Epoch 1 back 2 hours to 10:00 UTC+0
Other news regarding the transition from Epoch 0 to Epoch 1
Unfortunately, Epoch 0 will not roll over in staking or yield farming. Epoch 0, as the name implies, was released as a taste and test for how staking and farming will work. From it we gathered a lot of useful information that has gone into the creation of Epoch 1 and future Epochs. The downside to this, is that when Epoch 0 ends, it simply ends. Any LP tokens and/or SDAO inside the contract will sit there waiting for you to claim, but if you wish to continue earning, you will need to withdraw/harvest/claim your tokens and rejoin Epoch 1.
Yield Farming and Flexible Staking, from Epoch 1 onwards, will roll over monthly without additional fees or any additional action on the part of the user. Bonded staking will also roll over to subsequent Epochs, and rewards will auto-compound. For those worrying that this means nobody new will be able to enter bonded staking, do not worry, there will be future opportunities for new people to join.
Bonded Staking Explained
Bonded Staking will last 60 days, the first 5 of which will be the ‘opt-in/opt-out’ period, during these 5 days you can opt-out of the previous staking period and claim your tokens, you can allow your tokens to roll-over and compound into the next Epoch, or, you can stake new/additional tokens (assuming there is space) into the newly beginning Epoch. Rewards are added at the end of each Epoch to be claimed or compounded and rolled over.
Compounding roll-over will combine your staked and rewarded SDAO and auto-stake it into the next Bonded Staking Epoch.
Dates and Times
  • August 10th 20:00 UTC+0 — ‘Register and Stake’ button goes live
  • August 13th 12:00 UTC+0 — Registration for Airdrop begins
  • August 16th 23:59 UTC+0 — Registration and Staking opt in/out ends
  • August 18th 12:00 UTC+0 — Final Airdrop Claim begins
  • August 18th 10:00 UTC+0* — Epoch 1 Bonded Staking Entry Period begins
  • August 23rd 23:59 UTC+0 — Final Airdrop Claim ends
  • August 23rd 10:00 UTC+0* — Epoch 1 Bonded Staking Entry Period ends
  • October 17th 10:00 UTC+0* — Epoch 1 ends, Epoch 2 begins *Epochs are based on block height and time, times stated are indicative of block number and subject to variance*
We’re excited to have you all join us on this journey, thanks for all the support. We look forward to finalizing the airdrop and moving on to the next big milestone: introducing DynaSets! Stay tuned for more details on this, coming soon.
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