DynaSet Roll-Out Plan
Greetings Singularitarians,
We previously released a high level overview of what DynaSets are, it seemed only right that we follow that up by detailing the roll-out of DynaSets.
You can take a look at last weeks announcement for a high level overview of DynaSets.
*The following information and dates are to be considered indicative of expectations. While we will endeavour to meet the deadlines and specifics set out below, we are building a many layered and complex product with numerous moving parts, therefore we may be forced to adjust certain details if unforeseen circumstances occur.*
Beta Round Bitcoin(BTCSET)*Ethereum(ETHSET)*Singularity Ecosystem(SINGSET)*
This first Beta launch of DynaSets can be considered “semi-open” — We will be inviting the community, investors and influencers all to participate. There will be 3 DynaSets launching during the Beta phase.
Entry requirements are as follows -
Each DynaSet will be capped at $2,500,000 USD for Beta Testing, this cap will be removed for full release upon completion of Beta.
BTC Set — Contributions — $2.5m cumulative total
  • WBTC
  • ETH
  • Stablecoins
ETH Set — Contributions — $2.5m cumulative total
  • ETH
  • Stablecoins
Singularity Set — Contributions — $2.5m cumulative total
  • ETH
  • Stablecoins
  • AGIX (200k USD value max cap)*
  • SDAO (200k USD value max cap)*
  • NTX (100k USD value max cap)*
  • First Come First Serve
  • We understand FCFS is not ideal; to get involved in changing this for the future please take part in our ongoing Governance Event
  • Minimum contribution $2000 USD*
  • Maximum Contribution $50,000 USD*
  • Each wallet can only contribute one asset to any DynaSet*
  • Each wallet can contribute to multiple DynaSets
  • Contributed assets remain in the forge until the contribution period ends
  • Settlement values will be locked in at the time that the contribution period ends — — E.g. if you contribute $4000 ETH at the start of the contribution phase but the price climbs to $4500 by the end of the contribution period, settlement price will be $4500
Benchmark — DynaSet must outperform benchmark to be considered “Alpha Generating” — this is known as the “hurdle rate”
  • BTC SET— BTC Price
  • ETH SET— ETH Price
  • SINGSET — Weighted Average Price of NTX/SDAO/AGIX Market Cap
  • DynaSet Price Indexes start at 100
  • Benchmark Price Indexes start at 100
Performance and Management Fees
  • Performance and Management Fees are taken only from Alpha Generated above the hurdle rate.
  • Fees will be taken at the end of the 2-month Beta period
Contribution Period — December 15th*
Sign up for DynaSet beta access — prepare funds.
During the contribution period, which will run for 5 days, users will be able to contribute their capital. On the user facing side, this will behave very similarly to our current implementation of staking.
Forging — December 20th *
Contributed tokens are forged into a DynaSet.
At the end of the 5 day contribution period the forge will perform a series of trades using the contributed funds and transfer tokens into the DynaSet, weighted according to the currently employed strategy.
DynaSet Begins — December 20th*
The first semi-public live DynaSet begins.
The first DynaSets will begin to trade. There will be a dashboard added to the SingularityDAO platform that you will all be able to watch it perform live, in all its glory!
DynaSet Beta Ends — February 20th*
Beta Test comes to an end.
The semi-open beta of our first DynaSets is scheduled to run for 2 months. During these two months, we will of course be monitoring performance, taking feedback and preparing upgrades and improvements.
All upgraded smart contracts will be re-submitted for Security Audits. At that point we will prepare for the full, open, uncapped launch of DynaSets to the world.
Closing Thoughts
During this first round of publicly available live testing, we will be using low risk strategies. The goal for this beta test is to make sure the tech works flawlessly, everyone can enter and exit without bugs, stress test the systems we have put in place and hopefully generate a little Alpha on top. When we go fully live in February, we intend to progressively increase the Alpha generation as our trust in the systems and risk tolerance grow. In the future we will likely offer different DynaSets for people with different levels of risk aversion.
No doubt todays announcement will bring with it many questions, over the next week or two we will be releasing a whole host of DynaSet blogs and videos that will explain the exact processes involved, so make sure to check them all out if you are excited to get involved!
Hopefully you are all as excited for Dynacember as we are!
To stay up to date on all of this, please join our social channels.
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