Launch Stats
Today is August 4th, at the time of writing, the SingularityDAO BETA has been live for 48 hours!
Total Value Locked — $8,000,000+ USD
Total SDAO Locked — 4,178,000+ SDAO
34.8% of Circulating Supply
The 2nd of August launch was a massive success and we want to thank every one of you for participating. The BETA launch is the result of an amazing collaboration between community members, beta testers and developers. The months of suggestions and ideas from you all, the rigorous finding and reporting of issues from our testers, and an unbelievable amount of hard work from our tireless devs, we are incredibly pleased to be able to call the launch a resounding success. Thank you everyone!
We are now two days into Epoch 0 and we are grateful for everyone who joined us so early! — Staking truly begins from Epoch 1 when we launch our high APY Bonded Staking.
Remember, anyone with unclaimed rewards in our Airdrop portal will be offered a guaranteed slot in Epoch 1 bonded staking, so don’t forget to go and choose “Register and Stake” on our airdrop portal by the end of the registration period — August 16th.
Keep an eye on our telegram announcements channel for updates.
Now, lets go over some more statistics -
Total Value of Tokens in LP Pools + Staking $8,000,000+ USD
Overall Participants 700+
Staking 29% of SDAO Circulating Supply Staked.
Total Number of Stakers 600+
Total SDAO in Staking 3,500,000+ SDAO
Liquidity Pools 5.8% of SDAO Circulating Supply added as Liquidity.
SDAO/ETH SDAO 610,000+ ETH 360+ Total Dollar Value $1,890,000+ USD
SDAO/USDT SDAO 68,000+ USDT 107,000+ Total Dollar Value $210,000+ USD
AGIX/ETH AGIX 4,887,000+ ETH 398+ Total Dollar Value $2,000,000+ USD
AGIX/USDT AGIX 970,000+ USDT 208,000+ Total Dollar Value $418,000+ USD
Additional Pool Stats SDAO/ETH
  • Total LP providers — 160+
  • Indicative APY at time of writing — 64%
  • Total LP providers — 12
  • Indicative APY at time of writing — 2033%
  • Total LP providers — 410+
  • Indicative APY at time of writing — 37%
  • Total LP providers — 4
  • Indicative APY at time of writing — 110%
  • Total Stakers — 600+
  • Indicative APY at time of writing — 33%
Currently the APY is updated every 4 hours. We are working on a solution to give live updates to the APY and will deploy it as soon as possible.
You can check out the latest numbers on etherscan.
This launch would not have been possible without all of you, so we wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone!
If you still have not checked out the platform, what are you waiting for?! Join us at
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