SingularityDAO + NuNet Partnership
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Greetings Singularitarians,
In his recent AMA with our new CTO, Chris Poulin, Marcello Mari the CEO of SingularityDAO announced that we are partnering with NuNet, a global economy of decentralized computing founded by Dr. Kabir Veitas CEO, Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Weinbaum.
SingularityDAO and NuNet are both part of the ever expanding SingularityNET ecosystem, a collective of like-minded startups specialized in building different aspects of the fast approaching Technological Singularity. As the first project to spin-off from SingularityNET we are incredibly proud and excited to not only welcome NuNet to the family, but also to aid in the launch and growth of the project.
The first days, weeks and months of a decentralised project and its utility token are some of the hardest. Having just gone through the process ourselves we are well aware of the various pitfalls and difficulties that NuNet faces. With the help and support of our amazing community, we have come through the other side and are now in a very strong position for continued growth.
We are very pleased therefore to find ourselves in a situation where we are able to not only offer that experience but also the SingularityDAO DeFi platform itself to aid NuNet over the coming months and far into the future. The in-house economic expertise and DeFi tools at our disposal, will be able to make NuNet a part of the market from day one. Our team is currently building DeFi instruments like token gateways, a staking and farming portal, and token baskets called DynaSets that provide increased liquidity to the tokens featured within them. These services will be invaluable to any project that partners with us and we are thrilled to offer them to NuNet.
This is far from a one sided partnership however, NuNet is an absolutely amazing project with huge synergies for not only us but the ecosystem as a whole and we are incredibly grateful to be in a position to take advantage of what they are building.
NuNet can provide SingularityDAO with the computational muscle to process its financial data. SingularityDAO ingests large amounts of data and processes it using advanced AI to gain insights into DeFi markets. This requires a lot of computing power, which is exactly what NuNet specialises in: incentivising users to contribute computing power. By decentralizing the large-scale computing needed to process market data, SingularityDAO gains a key resource, increased decentralisation and less reliance on outside systems, while NuNet gains a valuable early-stage customer.
We look forward to taking the first steps on this journey, and together with all our future brother and sister spin-offs from SingularityNET, helping to create a benevolent singularity to the benefit of all.
To find out more about NuNet please visit their Telegram Channel and Website.
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