SingularityDAO Advent Ambassadors

Greetings Singularitarians !

It’s that time of the year again, time we all start preparing for the Christmas holiday season. Over at SingularityDAO HQ we have decided to offer our own goodwill gift to crypto. Head over to our website and you will find a festive new page titled ‘Advent Calendar’.
Yes, you guessed right, there is a window to open daily from now up until Christmas day! There will be gifts, giveaways, quizzes, one time tasks for our ambassador program, news, blogs, vlogs, info videos and dotted about the calendar there may even be bigger rewards to be won — so be sure to check back every day to find out what we have for you. Doors will open at random points on each day, so pay attention as sometimes there will be a limited number of prizes for the quickest of you to react.
Ambassador Program —
To run alongside our Advent Calendar we are also launching an ambassador program (beginning on December 1st) with our partners at, the aim here is of course rewarding you for your help growing the community and raising awareness of the project. Our Marketing Team is ramping up on the PR and Influencer side of things, but we need your help to make sure we reach as many eyes and ears as possible!
Due to the nature of some of the Ambassador Tasks, we ask that people wishing to participate fill out the profile section of the site and complete this application form (you only need complete the sections applicable to the tasks you wish to complete). It helps us correctly track and reward the tasks that you complete.
All rewards will be delivered on the Polygon Side Chain, for those new to Polygon, it is the same address as your Ethereum ERC20 address. We will release a blog in a few days with more details on how to add this to MetaMask but for the time being just know that you can continue using the same address as usual.
We will begin with a limited number of tasks and frequently add/update/change/remove as is appropriate.
At launch we will be offering the following tasks;
1. Translation
  • Initially we will request assistance translating blogs and news articles into Portuguese and Chinese — we will expand this list over time
2. Content Creation
  • Influencers who create content about SingularityDAO can submit it here to receive a reward based on their subscriber and viewership figures
3. Social Interaction
  • Retweet or Share our content and if you meet the minimum requirements earn some SDAO
4. Platform Usage
  • Add to unbonded staking on the SingularityDAO platform and earn additional tickets to take part in our Christmas giveaways
5. Suggest a Task
  • Have a cool idea for an ambassador task? Suggest it here and if we use it we will give you a reward!
We invite everyone who wants to become an SDAO ambassador to join up here, more jobs will be added further into the future.
Socialstack ( is an impact-driven platform of community engagement tools for DAOs and social tokens to engage non crypto native and crypto native community members.
Closing Thoughts
A big thanks to Socialstack for offering up their platform to help us run this event and a big thanks to all of you for participating!
To stay up to date on all of this, please join our social channels.
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