SingularityDAO and SoftServe Partnership
“This alliance brings unprecedented innovation and software best practice to crypto” said Chris Poulin, CTO, SingularityDAO.
Greetings Singularitarians,
Partnership announcement time, but this one is something a little different. There are a few standard types of partnerships in the blockchain industry; there are those where to crypto projects decide to partner up to use each others services, there are the more common “partnerships” which are really just integrations, and then there are the partnerships that span the gap between blockchain and the outside world.
Today we are very pleased to announce that SingularityDAO and SoftServe, Inc. have entered into a partnership to bring enterprise-grade computing solutions to the crypto market.
As part of the initiative, SoftServe, a global leader in enterprise outsourcing, and Google’s Partner of the Year 2020, will provide a variety of cutting-edge IT services and advisory in the areas of: data engineering infrastructure, system and network level security, and best practices in software development life cycle (SDLC). Also, as part of the arrangement, SingularityDAO will be sharing information on cryptocurrency market data, and decentralized finance (DeFi) best practice. Thus, positioning SoftServe to capture more of the IT provision market in the emerging cryptocurrency market.
What does this mean for SingularityDAO?
Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data that it is provided. SoftServe are industry leaders at building efficient data pipelines, and will work to ensure that the AI we employ to signal our DAM (Dynamic Asset Manager), that will eventually take over majority control of DynaSets, is receiving only the best, cleanest, most reliable data in the fastest and most coherent way possible.
SoftServe is also heavily focused on security best practices and implementations. SingularityDAO’s DynaSets will likely end up handling many billions of dollars, and executing trades that are worth multi-millions of dollars in a single transaction. For that reason, our number one priority is the protection of those assets. SoftServe will help ensure that everything built confirms to the highest security standards, not just from within the crypto industry but at a level that would at least be expected of any big tech company or government agency.
SoftServe is already partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Nvidia, to name but a few. We are honoured that they have chosen to add SingularityDAO to that growing list.
What does SingularityDAO offer SoftServe?
Blockchain and Crypto are going mainstream, there is no denying this now. As such, SoftServe plans to be at the forefront of big tech companies that embrace this space and offer solutions to the myriad other software and development firms that will no doubt soon decide that it’s time to step into the space.
Meanwhile, SingularityDAO is building an advanced set of tools for crypto and DeFi market analytics which will be used by our AI’s to judge market conditions and make informed decisions when generating Alpha within DynaSets. These same state-of-the-art analytics tools can be used by SoftServe as they begin to educate themselves about the crypto space and maintain their position as the Premier Consulting firm of choice for big tech companies, as they themselves take their first steps into blockchain.
Today is a big day for SingularityDAO! Expect to hear more from us, so join our social channels for all the latest updates.
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