SingularityDAO Launches on Binance Smart Chain
SDAO users will soon have access to all the same functionalities on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as currently available on the Ethereum Network.

Greetings Singularitarians !

It is my pleasure to announce that on November 22, 2021, SingularityDAO will deploy the SDAO token on Binance Smart Chain and create SDAO/BNB Liquidity Pools on Pancake Swap. Over the last few months BSC has proven to be incredibly attractive to users of the DeFi space. The ever growing activity on BSC has brought with it a huge audience, a large number of interesting projects and of course other blockchain specific advantages.
This is why we have decided that it’s time to deploy the SDAO token and all our existing features over there and introduce the BSC community to all that is SingularityDAO and in extension the SingularityNET Ecosystem.
Monday will see the launch of Liquidity Pools on Pancake Swap and will be followed shortly by integration on the SingularityDAO DApp. We are pleased to also announce that our main and highly anticipated product, DynaSets, will also be present on Binance Smart Chain. DynaSets will be launching on ETH during Q4 2021 so you can expect to see the first BSC DynaSets in Q1-Q2 of 2022. DynaSets are unlike anything currently available on any chain and we will be delivering them to all chains that host projects worthy of inclusion. This week we will open the door to Binance Smart Chain but in the near future we will be sharing news of many more, such as Polygon, Avalanche and Cardano….
To all our current community and any new members joining us from BSC, welcome to SingularityDAO, please pay attention over the next few days as we roll out Yield Farming, Staking and of course a cross-chain bridge.
This is the first step of our expansion, with so much more to come. Christmas is almost upon us and you can expect a whole host of product launches, partnerships, campaigns and gifts in the run up to the new year!
To stay up to date on all of this, please join our social channels.
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