The End Of An airdrop
Greetings Singularitarians,
Many months ago during the Phase 2 proposal, SingularityNET Founder and CEO Ben Goertzel made a commitment to you that SingularityNET spin-off projects would dedicate at least 5% of their total token supply as a reward to the token holding community.
As the first project to launch, we at SingularityDAO were determined to honour this promise and pave the way for future spin-offs to do the same. 5,000,000 of the 100,000,000 total supply of SDAO were allocated for distribution to the community, and with some input from the community a dispersal mechanism was put in place. We have learned valuable lessons during the airdrop, which will be taken into account for future distributions. Here is an overview of the airdrop results:
*Liquidity provision is included in the holder numbers. *Average stake rewards are skewed heavily by some large wallets. If those large (multi million AGIX token) wallets were to be excluded the average is closer to 2000 SDAO.
As a team we were interested to see how our airdrop compared to some other airdrops over the last few years and no doubt you all would be interested to see the results too. As always, these results will come to you unedited and without cherry picking. As you will see from the results, we are currently ranking in the top 5 airdrops of all time, alongside some massive projects. It’s especially telling when you consider our current market capitalisation in comparison to theirs. Unfortunately we cannot claim to be the biggest airdrop ever but we are incredibly proud of the position we are currently in, toe to toe with some of the big players in the crypto space and who knows, maybe in a few months we will have climbed up to first!
Another interesting thing that was discovered while undertaking this task was that while there have been many airdrops launched, there are in fact very few that release details of their airdrop after completion. If you have the data on any that we have missed please do let one of our admins know! Compiling this list with accurate numbers was incredibly difficult, we had hoped to present a long list of many interesting drops but the data is simply not there. We want to offer our appreciation to the projects that made the list for their attention to detail and dedication to sharing information with their communities and the broader ecosystem. You can be sure we will continue to share such results with you, not only for the purpose of education, entertainment, openness and honesty, but also for the sake of the next person who comes along and tries to generate a list like this. Hopefully we can save them some time and also encourage future projects to share more of these details. We look forward to adding NuNet, Rejuve, SophiaDAO, and MindPlex to the list very soon… to name but a few.
What to expect next
SingularityDAO is not just DynaSets and Staking. We are building a full suite of DeFi tools from launchpads to staking pools and beyond. Every SingularityNET spin-off is a necessary part of the ecosystem and one of our roles within that is to aid other tokens launch and grow. As such we will not only accelerate the token launches by offering support and liquidity to new projects, but also in the case of projects like NuNet we will help host the 5% community distribution. Expect SingularityNET to soon release a blog with more details about all of this.
Thank you all for participating in the first of many community token distribution events hosted by SingularityDAO and SingularityNET — Next up NuNet — Join their Telegram community for all the latest updates and check out the latest blogs on Medium.
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