Ben Goertzel
Widely known as the “father of Artificial General Intelligence,” Ben Goertzel is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET. As one of the world’s foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Goertzel has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the last decade from where he oversees SingularityNet AI hubs in Russia, India, Brazil and Africa in his quest to develop the world’s first decentralized AI platform and marketplace. Dr. Goertzel envisions the creation of benevolent decentralized AGI at SingularityNET. Under Dr. Goertzel’s guidance, SingularityNET will bring AI and blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AIs. Dr. Goertzel is a leading robotics visionary and biotech researcher, a Ph.D. in mathematics, and published 20 scientific books and 140+ scientific research papers on subjects ranging from AGI to virtual worlds. He developed one of the first Open Source AI frameworks for broad-based AGI development and research. Among his other roles, Dr. Goertzel is the Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation, Chief Scientist of robotics firm Hanson Robotics, co-founder of SophiaDAO, co-founder of NuNet, Chief AI Scientist and co-founder of Rejuve, co-founder of Awakening.Health, co-founder and Chairman of Singularity Studio and Chairman of Novamente.‌
He has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, and is the subject of several documentary films including Singularity Or Bust.
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