Token Swap
Frequently asked questions about Token Swapping.

What is Token Swapping?

Token swapping is the process of instantaneously exchanging one cryptocurrency to another in a decentralised manner.

Why do I need to import a custom token?

SDAO is a relatively new asset and has not yet been officially added to token lists.

How much GAS should I pay?

There is always a balance to find between speed and cost, if you want to have the best chance of your transaction going through, click EDIT just above the displayed gas fee, set the fees in MetaMask to your desired speed “Slow”, “Average” or “Fast”. For deciding on manual settings you can check:

What is Slippage?

Slippage is the expected % difference between the quoted and executed prices. It is a way to set your tolerance level for price change. This is usually best left at default.

I tried to buy SDAO but the transaction failed.

Price can fluctuate a lot, if you chose a low GAS fee (slow), the price may have moved outside your target buy range (slippage). Try a higher gas fee (faster transaction)

I just bought SDAO, why can't I see it in my wallet?

You will need to add SDAO as a custom token -
Address: 0x993864E43Caa7F7F12953AD6fEb1d1Ca635B875F
Symbol: SDAO
Decimals: 18

How do I swap my tokens?

Please visit our Token Swap Guide for details.