How to Participate in DynaSets

7 steps to participate in DynaSets on SingularityDAO.

  1. Navigate the DynaSet of your choosing within either the DynaSet or DynaLab (beta) tab. From here users are able to 'Deposit' (contribute tokens to the DynaSet), 'Redeem' (Exit the DynaSet), and 'Withdraw LP' (Claim DynaSet LP tokens to the user wallet for self-custody).

  2. Click 'Connect wallet' in the top right corner of the portal if you have not already done so. You will then be prompted to unlock your wallet.

  3. Click on 'Deposit'.

  4. Tick the box to accept the T&C. To participate in DynaSets, users are required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  5. Select the token and input the amount you wish to contribute to the DynaSet.

  6. Click on 'Approve'. You will be asked to approve the Ethereum transaction and pay the gas fee.

  7. Click on 'Deposit'. After the approval transaction has been completed, the deposit button will appear. You will be asked to confirm the deposit in your wallet and pay the gas fee.

When the deposit transaction has been completed you will be able to see your contribution in the 'Contribution Status' panel of the DynaSet page.

After the end of the DynaSet contribution window, your deposit will be 'forged' with all other user deposits and the DynaSet will begin trading. At this time you will be able to view your contributions as DynaSet LP tokens and even withdraw those LP tokens to your own wallet, should you wish to take custody of them.

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