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How to Stake

9 Steps to Stake Tokens on SingularityDAO.
2. Click 'Connect to a wallet' in the top right corner of the portal if you have not already done so. You will then be prompted to unlock your wallet. 3. Choose between 'Unbonded Vaults' or 'Epoch Vaults' by navigating to the corresponding tab within the 'Vaults' category on the left side of the screen.
4. Select your desired pool and then click the 'Stake' button.
6. Input the number of tokens you want to stake.
7. Click 'Approve' - Skip this step if you have done so before. You will be asked to approve the Ethereum transaction and pay the gas fee. 8. Finally click 'Stake' and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Please wait for the transaction to complete, at which point you will see a popup showing the number of tokens added and the total amount of SDAO you have staked.
9a. To claim your tokens from 'Unbonded Vaults' you have 3 options:
Withdraw: To withdraw the amount of SDAO you staked.
Harvest: To withdraw the amount of SDAO you got rewarded by staking.
Withdraw and Harvest: Performs the two above actions.
9b. To claim your tokens from 'Epoch Vaults' simply click 'Withdraw' during the withdrawal period.