Decentralised governance is the core of any DAO, and SingularityDAO is no different.

Anyone with an interest can take part in discussion, offering suggestions and feedback to guide the growth of the protocol, and anyone with SDAO voting power can cast their vote on proposals.

Governance Process

Proposals are submitted to the DAO, who are then encouraged to take part in open discussions on the SingularityDAO Discord and Forum before a vote is held, at which time, based on the results, enactment of the upgrade proceeds, updated proposals are offered, or potentially dismissed entirely.

SDAO Governance Token

Voting power for the Protocol is derived from the SingularityDAO Governance Token (SDAO).

SDAO holders can use these tokens to vote on proposals relevant to the protocol. All SDAO tokens have the right to vote, regardless of being held in wallets, staking smart contracts, or across multiple chains such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.


Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy-to-verify and hard-to-contest results. SingularityDAO Governance Votes take place on Snapshot.

Progressive Decentralisation

Moving forward, the protocol will become progressively decentralised, enabling external developers to create upgrade proposals, until eventually full control of the protocol is handed over to the DAO.

This is a big task and will be handled slowly and with care, with constant input from all DAO participants. Of course, any changes required to enable this, will also be raised as Governance Proposals.

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