How to Set Up a Wallet

7 Steps to Set Up Trust Wallet

Disclaimer: Using wallets is always at your own risk. Please read more about blockchain and the responsibilities that come with decentralised wallets before using a web3 wallet. SingularityDAO won't be able to access your wallet at any time and can't be held responsible for user activities.

How to Set Up Trust Wallet Using the Trust Wallet App (mobile)

You can use the Trust Wallet official tutorial located here.

How to Set Up Trust Wallet Using the Browser Extension on Chrome

  1. Download the Chrome extension here and click 'add to chrome' then accept.

  2. Once this is done, click on the new Trust Wallet icon in your extensions. you will have 2 possibilities: - Create a new wallet - Import an existing wallet Importing an existing wallet will require you to use your seed phrase - (Reminder: Never share your seed phrase with anyone as it will give them access to your funds or compromise your security.)

  3. To create a new wallet, click on 'Create Wallet'. Trust Wallet will propose that the user shares usage patterns - you can accept or refuse - it will not impact your wallet creation.

  4. Create a password for your wallet. Choose a secure password, read the Terms of Use and then click 'Next'.

  5. Trust Wallet will remind you: Never share your Secret Phrase (that will give access to your funds) with anyone. Write down your phrase and store it in a safe place. Never in digital format (photo or text). Click 'Start'.

  6. Click on 'Reveal' to get your Secret Phrase. Write the phrase down, it is required in the next step. When you are confident that the phrase is safely recorded, click 'Next'. (Reminder: Never share your phrase, always store it offline)

  7. Trust Wallet will now require you to re-enter your phrase to confirm that you have recorded it correctly. When done, select 'Next'. (Reminder: Never share your phrase, always store it offline)

Your wallet creation is complete - you can now choose to set Trust Wallet as the default wallet or not.

Remember, never share your seed phrase or secret key with anyone. Doing so will compromise the security of your wallet and could result in an irreversible loss of funds. Keep your keys safe and secure in an offline location.

Any person or project requesting access to your keys is almost certainly a scam. There are no exceptions.

Congratulations, your Trust Wallet is now set up

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