A DynaSet is a user-shared vault that leverages the strategy tightened to it to maximize the portfolio returns. The initial version's main strategy is rebalancing the portfolio assets, but in the coming months, it will be able to utilize yield optimization strategies, interactions with 3rd party protocols, and more.

There are for now two sections relative to DynaSets:

  • Dynamic: Dynamically managed set of assets automatically rebalanced by the Dynamic Asset Manager via AI-based signals and algorithms.

  • DynaLab: This is the home of the newest protocol features, where users can take part in the Beta testing of the latest products. They are not to be considered final products and might evolve over time. Please make sure to read the specifications of each Beta DynaSet and our T&Cs before depositing any tokens.

The SingularityDAO protocol currently has 3 DynaSets:

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