SingularityDAO Launchpad - NuNet raises $2mil in 90 Seconds
Greetings Singularitarians,
Total Raised — $2,000,000 Participants — 2475 Time to completion — 90 seconds
Just moments ago the very first SingularityDAO Launchpad event concluded. 2475 people KYC’d and were eligible for whitelisting to participate in the NuNet Community Round (don’t forget, all at the exact same swap ratio that was offered to the private round for VC’s and strategic Investors). In total we raised $2,000,000 USD in just 90 seconds. This was the biggest community sale ever held by the SingularityNET Ecosystem but we are just getting started! Full details of this event and the following token distributions will be released shortly by NuNet so please join their telegram channel for all the latest updates.
Today’s success brings to life the second incubated Spin-Off project from within the SingularityNET ecosystem and solidifies SingularityDAO’s role in it, as both the DeFi and Launch solution for all the upcoming projects yet to launch. Rejuve, SophiaDAO, Mindplex and of course future DEEP Funding projects, to name but a few!
The concept of a community round, held exclusively for the members of a specific ecosystem is something that was unheard before SingularityNET held the first of these events with the launch of SingularityDAO, that idea has now been crystallized through the creation of our launchpad and the subsequent NuNet Community Round. Most launchpads hold these events attempting raises of between 50,000 to 500,000 and all participants walk away with a meagre amount of tokens. At SingularityDAO we bring you a $2,000,000 raise and large allocations along with a whole host of interesting and unique projects yet to be offered to you all.
It doesn’t stop there however, we will also be looking into worthy projects from outside of our own ecosystem and continue to offer you, the community, access to a whole range of amazing new projects, many of which are already knocking at our door aware that using our launchpad also creates pathways to potential inclusion in future DynaSets!
We couldn’t be more thrilled with the amazing turn-out from our community and the resulting speed in which the sale concluded. For those who were successful in taking part, congratulations! For people who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to get in, don’t forget that in just a few days there will be public rounds shortly followed by token release on UniSwap.
The team at SingularityDAO are already hard at work brainstorming a new and highly interactive alternative to correctly handle community member allocations at launch time. Whatever new system we create will be done so with the goal of removing the current bias of, “The rich get richer” and/or “random chance” and will endeavour to give everyone a fair shot at earning allocations based on a range of factors. We have been conducting a thorough examination of how other launchpads handle this and find that there is currently no truly suitable solution. They all end up coming down to chance, a situation where the rich get richer or a combination of the two. In later iterations of our launchpad we endeavour to include an approach that allows all community members a fair shot at larger allocations based on a variety of factors.
With the release of our Launchpad we have now further expanded the functionality of the SingularityDAO platform. From liquidity provision, yield farming, bonded and unbonded staking we now added a launchpad to the ever growing list of features. We are not stopping there however, in the next few days we will be officially announcing the rollout of our Binance Smart Chain and Polygon integrations including once again, liquidity pools, yield farming staking and of course the first iteration of our token bridge!
All of the above will greatly enhance the utility of the SDAO token, as well as generate a massively increased awareness of the SingularityDAO project by branching out into these new ecosystems. This is the first step of our new marketing campaign that will of course also include information on our AI roadmap and integrations plans, a number of new, as yet undisclosed partnerships and of course, the rollout of DynaSets!
Expect to hear a lot more from us across all mediums in the coming days, weeks and months!
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