The SREP (Singularity Reputation Points) system aims to revamp the current mechanism for DAO membership.

  • We will shift from the current SDAO-based tiers to an SREP-based tier system: 🏃 Ambassador — See Phase 2 Restructure section 🛠️ Iron — 500k SREP 🥉 Bronze — 1M SREP 🥈 Silver — 2.5M SREP 🥇 Gold — 5M SREP 💎 Diamond — 10M SREP

Gold and Diamond tier members will have a unique advantage in the enhanced incentive structure during select launchpad events. After the token generation event (TGE), these members have a 24–72 hour* (this period may change based on per-launch specifics) window to assess the the newly launched token. If the launch doesn’t meet their expectations, they can claim the initial deposit token and deposit amount.

This feature, available for selected projects only, is designed to grant Gold and Diamond members greater control and flexibility in their decisions, enabling them to manage their risks and opportunities more effectively.

First-Come, First-Serve (FCFS) Participation Restriction:

  • Modify the FCFS allocation to require DAO membership, requiring SDAO to be staked, and ensure that dedicated and invested members receive appropriate rewards and opportunities.

Phase 2 Restructure: New Allocation System + Launchpad V3

Phase 2 will focus on establishing a new Launchpad infrastructure, a solution for granting allocations, and an additional tier:

  • Tier 6 — Ambassador, will reward members for engaging with SingularityDAO’s products and social media platforms. This tier will offer a unique pathway for users to gain additional allocations irrespective of their SDAO holdings.

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