The provided screenshot shows the staking interface for the SDAO staking solution.

  1. Tier and SREP Information:

    • Displays the current tier and the SREP score .

    • Shows the thresholds for different tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond.

  2. Pools Section:

    • Lists the available pools for staking SDAO tokens.

    • Displays important information for each pool:

      • Token (SDAO)

      • Total Value Locked (TVL) / Amount Staked

      • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Claimable Rewards

      • Time left until unlock (in days, hours, and minutes)

    • Provides action buttons for each pool:

  3. Call to Action:

    • Deposit: Initial Deposit

    • Deposit More: Increase staked amount

    Extend: Increase lock period

    • Withdraw: Withdraw staked tokens.

    • Claim: Claim pending rewards.

By using this interface, users can manage their staking activities, track their rewards, and monitor their SREP scores and tier levels.

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